A Wolf Apart by Maria Vale

Rating: 3/5 stars A Wolf Apart

Pages: 327

Series: The Legend of All Wolves, Book 2

Genres: Romance, Fantasy, Paranormal, Shapeshifters

“I’m so sick of this world. My world.” (Ch 8, Elijah’s musings).

I have to admit, I enjoyed The Last Wolf more than I enjoyed A Wolf Apart. While part of it has to be the fact that the events in book 1 didn’t have any real consequences in book 2, another part of it was the way in which the book was written.

Don’t get me wrong, I was impressed with Vale’s ability to write this story in a way that was so different from the first book. A Wolf Apart was written in the way the Elijah interacts with the world – as if dealing with a summary of situations rather than living moment to moment. It shows just how detached from reality Elijah was. While this writing style sounds intriguing in theory, in practice I found I didn’t really enjoy it. There was very little dialogue in the story, just Elijah’s accounts of situations. This makes Elijah feel like an even more unreliable narrator than he actually is while highlights the important conversations by actually having then written out. While it was done well, this just isn’t a style that I would gravitate towards in my reading.

While the first book was an entertaining read, I don’t know if I would recommend this series to anyone. While it is written in an interesting way, the plot itself didn’t interest me much. There are many better werewolf/shifter stories – both romance and not – that are much more entertaining and enjoyable than this one is. Try giving Bitten a try instead if you’re looking for a good werewolf story that also involves a touch of romantic elements.

*Spoilers ahead*

“It is not a good kill, John, but this is what happens when you domesticate a wolf. You pervert him” (Ch 6, Elijah’s musings).

The start of this book is all about how Elijah no longer has the will to live. He no longer wants to be an Offlander. He wants to come home to the Homelands forever. It must be hard that the thing he wanted most of all happened when he least wanted it to.

Sure it’s great that he was able to find a mate in Thea, even though she is human. And she found it within her to accept his wolfy side enough to move by the Homelands. But I can only imagine how challenging this must be to the Pack as a whole. First they had to accept a shifter in Ti and now they’re being expected to accept a human into the fold? I know I said I wished for more consequences from the events in The Last Wolf, but if there aren’t any real repercussions to yet another outsider being added to the pack in the rest of the series I’m going to completely give up on this series.

I understand that consequences came in the form of August knowing about Ti’s pups and Janine’s death. Sure, Victor is starting the lead a rebellion even though he’s the Deemer and is supposed to keep the pack’s interest at the heart of all his decisions. But nothing bad has actually happened as a result of these things. There’s no suspense to the series.

While Vale got close to building suspense when Elijah had been thrown in jail and only got out the day before the Iron Moon, it didn’t actually fear for either Elijah or Thea. Vale has set up a world where nothing seriously bad happens to the main characters. Yes, John died at the end of The Last Wolf but this death was used as a plot device. And losing the Alpha of Alphas would have been more impactful if he played a larger role in the story itself.

I’m still hopeful that there will be a real conflict in this series. August and his shifters have to actually do something at some point since they’re the “Big Bad” of the series. Hopefully this happens soon, otherwise I nigh be giving up on the series altogether.

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