March Wrap Up

Well, I completely ignored my TBR for the month. It wasn’t on purpose and I still want to get to all of the books on that list. However, school took over and greatly reduced the time for reading that I usually have. As well, I began March in a book slump that took a while to get over. I was also sidetracked by the books I picked up at the library as those are books I have to give back and I’ll always prioritize over my own collection.

Completed books:

1. Fruits Basket Series by Natsuki Takaya (Vol 9-23) [3-5 stars]

2. Pirouette by Robyn Bavati [3 stars]

3. Spirelli Paranormal Investigations Collection Season 1 (Stories 1-6) by Kate Baray [2.5-4 stars]

4. The Heir and the Spare by Emily Albright [1.5 stars]

Dedicated Blog Posts Available:

1. Pirouette by Robyn Bavati

Dedicated Blog Posts to Come:

1. Kingdom of Ash (I’m still not emotionally ready to be unbiased, sorry)

2. Throne of Glass Series

Wrap Up:


If you’re a fan of books about dance, like I am, this is an enjoyable read. You don’t need to be fully versed in dance terminology in order to follow along with this Freaky Friday inspired novel. While not the best book out there, I found it to be an enjoyable read.

Fruits Basket Series:

This series is about the Chinese zodiac and the Suhma family that is cursed by them. While this is not my first read through of the series, I continue to enjoy the writing style and the plot. It’s been about 6 years since I last read the series so I forgot most of way happened in it and was able to enjoy being surprised all over again. Anyone who is into slice of life manga should give this lighthearted series a try.

Spirelli Paranormal Investigations Collection, Season 1:

While I still enjoy the easy writing style of Baray, I found this series to be overall lacking to this point. As a spin off series to the Lost Library series, I expected more crossover than there was. Instead, I felt like this series more or less happened in a bubble as while characters from the Lost Library series were mentioned in passing, they never seemed to help out when they easily could have (in my opinion at least). As well, I found it difficult to understand the timeline between the two series. As they involve at least some of the same characters, it’s important as a reader to understand how these timelines connect to each other. In my opinion, Baray fell short on this front. I intend to keep reading this series, as I’ve already gotten 6 stories in, but I would not recommend it to other readers.

The Heir and the Spare:

Right off the bat it’s easy to see that this book is outdated. The terminology used as well as viewpoints on sensitive issues such as sexuality do not hold up in 2019 society. I found this book to be deeply problematic in these ways as well a the progression of the story. As someone who very rarely DNFs a book, I basically had to force myself to finish it. I would not suggest this book to anyone as similar plots have been written and are much better. To me, this book read like an attempt at a Hallmark movie in written form and failed on every front.

Overall, my reading this month went about as well as I expected. While I read a total of 32 stories, most of them were short (the SPI stories and manga). The full length novels I read this month I did not rate as highly as I would have hoped. I’m hoping that the books I read in April will be better written.

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