She Persisted in Science by Chelsea Clinton

As a 26 year old, I don’t think I have the right stuff to rate children’s books. So no rating from me here!

Pages: 32

Goodreads: She Persisted in Science

Genres: Picture Book; Science; Children’s Literature; Nonfiction.


Throughout history, women have been told that science isn’t for them. They’ve been told that they’re not smart enough, or that their brains just aren’t able to handle it. In this book, Chelsea Clinton introduces readers to women scientists who didn’t listen to those who told them “no” and who used their smarts, their skills and their persistence to discover, invent, create and explain.

She Persisted in Science is for everyone who’s ever had questions about the world around them or the way things work, and who won’t give up until they find their answers.

With engaging artwork by Alexandra Boiger accompanying the inspiring text, this is a book that shows readers that everyone has the potential to make a difference, and that women in science change our world.

This book features: Florence Nightingale, Rebecca Lee Crumpler, Ynes Enriquetta Julietta Mexia, Grace Hopper, Rosalind Franklin, Gladys West, Jane Goodall, Flossie Wong-Staal, Temple Grandin, Zaha Hadid, Ellen Ochoa, Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha & Mari Copeny, and Autumn Peltier, Greta Thunberg & Wanjiru Wathuti

This post is just a little shoutout to this cute book I stumbled upon at the library. Women have been beaten down for years, told we’re not good or smart enough to make advancements in science. In this read, Clinton proves just how wrong those sentiments are.

I’m obviously not the target demographic for this book, but I really did like it. I listened to the AudioBook version of it while walking Yzma and it made for an enjoyable listen. The message in this story – that your gender/sex can’t stop you from being powerful – is an important one.

That’s it. ☺

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