April 2022 TBR

My reading plans this month are going to be a little different than usual. While this post is going to introduce the books I’ve already started and plan on finishing in April, tomorrow another post is going to go more in depth into my reading plans for the month.

The reason for that? I’m going to try a little mini reading challenge for myself. I enjoy reading challenges from time to time and I haven’t done one in a couple of months. So this post is going to be shorter than usual, but only because a follow up post will be coming out on April 2nd with a more detailed list of books and my goals for the month.


**For anyone who’s here for the first time, I’ve organized the books by Physical Books, eBooks, AudioBooks, Kindle Unlimited, and Library books.**

Total books: 4 (ongoing)

Books to Read:

  1. Daughter of Thieves by Lichelle Slater (Sands of Wonder, Book 1) 414 pages
  2. New Moon Rising by Brandy Nacole (The Keepers of Knowledge, Book 3) 152 Pages
  3. Empire of Wild by Cherie Dimaline (Goodreads) 300 Pages
  4. Spellbook of the Lost and Found by Moira Fowley-Doyle (Goodreads) 357 Pages



Daughter of Thieves by Lichelle Slater :

A street rat. A magic lamp. An obnoxiously handsome prince.

What should have been an easy-in, easy-out job with my father became a nightmare when he was arrested by the soldiers of Zunbar. As if things couldn’t get any more complicated, my estranged mother has demanded I enter the Desert Trials and find the magic lamp hidden inside the Dragon’s Lair cave.

The Desert Trails: a series of ten tasks to prove a sorceress’s proficiency in the art of magic.

How hard could it be?

Only, I wasn’t blessed with the gift of magic.

Surviving the trials is only part of the problem. I’ve inadvertently partnered with Prince “Abu” and he’s bent on taking the magic lamp from me. I’m not about to let some dashing prince steal my father’s freedom.

But the Dragon’s Lair is more like the Cave of Nightmares, and I can’t escape without Prince Abudar’s help. If we don’t work together, we might not make it out alive, and I am not wasting my only wish in order to escape.

With the chance to make a single wish, can a street rat finally prove her worth? Find out in this adventure-packed, gender-swapped retelling of Aladdin!

I’m sure by now you’re noticed that I enjoy retellings. A lot. Aladdin isn’t a story that I see redone often, not to mention the fact that this is a gender-swapped version of the story. I’ve only cracked the spine (so to speak) on this book, but I look forward to finishing this read.


New Moon Rising by Brandy Nacole:

Meet Tamsin Grey, witch extraordinaire…

At least, she would be if the High Council would heed her family’s warnings.

For decades her grandmother had tried warning the council that the supernatural races were not safe, especially the witches. She could feel the darkness that haunted the bloodlines, as could Tamsin as she got older.

A hopelessness often troubled Tamsin’s dreams, dreams filled with secrets hidden in the dark wood. Secrets the council had tried to hide. She feared for the witch’s future, as well as the other supernatural races, if she didn’t unravel the dreams meaning. But how?

It wasn’t until three years after her grandmother’s death and a life outside of Pyreshore, New Hampshire that she gets her chance. A letter inviting her to become a Keeper. It was the ticket she needed to bring her home and give her the opportunity to right a wrong so many chose to ignore.

But upon returning she finds that not only will she have to worry about the Witch’s Keeper watching her every move, but also Talon Strohm, son of the witches High Council. Talon tells Tamsin she can trust him but revealing the truth to him could put everything in jeopardy.

Tamsin will have to make a choice, trust Talon or let her only chance to save the witches slip away.

After all, every secret needs a Keeper.

I’m enjoy this story alright so far (I’m almost done it), but it isn’t standing out to me. Some of my feelings on this book might stem from the fact that I started reading Payback’s a Witch by Lana Harper at the same time (2 days before this one, in fact). Harper’s book was just a stronger read for me right from the beginning, and I felt that detracted from my enjoyment in this world.

I’ve given myself a break from this story, and now I look forward to jumping back in and finishing Tamsin’s story.


Empire of Wild by Cherie Dimaline:

Broken-hearted Joan has been searching for her husband, Victor, for almost a year–ever since he went missing on the night they had their first serious argument. One terrible, hungover morning in a Walmart parking lot in a little town near Georgian Bay, she is drawn to a revival tent where the local Métis have been flocking to hear a charismatic preacher named Eugene Wolff. By the time she staggers into the tent, the service is over. But as she is about to leave, she hears an unmistakable voice.

She turns, and there Victor is. The same face, the same eyes, the same hands. But his hair is short and he’s wearing a suit and he doesn’t recognize her at all. No, he insists, she’s the one suffering a delusion: he’s the Reverend Wolff and his only mission is to bring his people to Jesus. Except that, as Joan soon discovers, that’s not all the enigmatic Wolff is doing.

With only the help of Ajean, a foul-mouthed euchre shark with a knowledge of the old ways, and her odd, Johnny-Cash-loving, 12-year-old nephew Zeus, Joan has to find a way to remind the Reverend Wolff of who he really is. If he really is Victor. Her life, and the life of everyone she loves, depends upon it.

This cover is absolutely gorgeous. It’s so gorgeous that it’s called to me three times into picking this story up. Yet have I unpacked the physical copies that I own from moving a couple of months ago? No, not yet. They’re stranded with the other books I haven’t bought a new shelf for yet.

Thankfully, my laziness in getting a new bookshelf hasn’t stopped me from being able to finally pick this story up. I was able to borrow the AudioBook version of the story from my local library, and this story accompanies me on solo walks with Yzma. Though be warned, this isn’t the best story to start while walking alone as a female with your dog after dark. My heart was pounding during the introduction of this story.

Suffice it to say that I’m enjoying this story so far. I’ve been holding myself back from finishing this story while doing chores since I’ve enjoyed listening to it so much while walking my pup. I can’t wait to finish the story and see how everything goes.


Spellbook of the Lost and Found by Moira Fowley-Doyle:

One stormy summer in a small Irish town, things begin to disappear. It starts with trivial stuff—hair clips, house keys, socks—but soon it escalates to bigger things: a memory, a heart, a classmate.

Olive can tell that her best friend, Rose, is different all of a sudden. Rose isn’t talking, and Olive starts to worry she’s losing her. Then diary pages written by someone named Laurel begin to appear all over town. And Olive meets three mysterious strangers: Ivy, Hazel, and her twin brother, Rowan, secretly squatting in an abandoned housing development. The trio are wild and alluring, but they seem lost too—and like Rose, they’re holding tightly to painful secrets.

When a tattered handwritten spellbook falls into the lives of these six teenagers, it changes everything. The spellbook is full of charms to conjure back that which has been lost, and it lists a part for each of them to play in the calling. It might be their best chance to set everything back to rights, but only if they’re willing to pay the price.

I’ve barely started reading this story, so there’s not much I have to say about it… yet. This story sounds so promising to me. Who doesn’t love a lost and found story? Who doesn’t love magic that’s gone awry?



While I usually give myself a little bit of wiggle room when it comes to my monthly TBR, this month I’m going to try to be stricter on myself and finish these 4 stories. Some of them I’m incredibly close to the end, so there’ll be no issue there. Others I’ve barely started.

My post April 2nd will go more in depth as to why I hope to finish these stories this month. My hint would be it’s a reading challenge and I’ve given myself quite the list of stories to get through…

What are you looking forward to reading this month?

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