Stolen Mage Bride by Sylvia Mercedes

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

Pages: 170

Series: Stolen Brides of the Fae, Book 2

Genres: Fantasy; Romance; Fae; New Adult; Young Adult; Fairy Tales

Publication date: May 14, 2021


A brutal king. A gentle mage. A bond neither of them desires . . . nor has the strength to resist.

King Lodírhal has no choice—he must battle the human champion in single combat and save his people from slaughter.

Mage Dasyra also has no choice—she must serve her masters and channel the powerful magic in her soul for a chance to stop the deadly fae king.

But when they meet on the battlefield, these two adversaries discover they have bigger problems in store. For they are fated by the gods to be each other’s True Love . . . and the moment they lock eyes, the Fatebond awakens. Now all that matters is breaking the bond before it can be sealed for eternity.

Can these mortal enemies work together and survive the perilous journey to the Sundering Place? Or are the demands of fate—and the desires awakening in both their reluctant hearts—too powerful to be thwarted?

Stolen Brides of the Fae is a series of stand-alone short novels written by various romantic fantasy authors who share a passion for fantastical love stories.


“Take my advice then, Olorie. Don’t worry yourself about all your little green and growing things. Worry about that monster you’re bound to. Get yourself unbound and free before… before…” She bites her lip. One hand runs slowly along the swell of her belly, and her face momentarily softens into an expression I cannot name. “Before you find you don’t want to be free anymore.”

Chapter Eight


In a complete twist to the first story in this collection, these love interests can’t fight destiny. Love at first sight wasn’t something either party wanted, but making sure it doesn’t stick is something they can agree on. Stealing away in the middle of the night to sever their bond to each other didn’t end the way that either part expected, but it might just be what they needed.

This world gave me a taste of fighting against destiny, of trying to hate someone you’re meant to love. While journey stories aren’t always something I enjoy, I did enjoy this story.

I enjoyed the magic in this world, the way the fae barter and torment each other. I like the concept behind this story. I appreciated what Dasyra and Lodírhal brought to the story.



Spoilers ahead*

My biggest reason for not rating this story higher is that it was kind of a forgettable read for me. While reading my notes on this story to make this post (though I’ll admit I didn’t take the most extensive notes here), I realized I remember very little of the specifics of the story.

I remember that it was a journey and the basic shapes of where the main leads went. I remember them being sent on the quest to the Sundering Place, but I had to check the story again to get the name of this place. I remembered that Lodírhal’s “friend” sent him to someone to give him the path there, but I didn’t remember that her name was Mother Erlani. I remember that his “friend” betrayed him in an attempt to gain power in the fae realms, but I don’t remember the specifics of why or how.

While that’s still a decent amount of things to remember a story six months after reading it, it’s barely anything for me to remember. I pride myself on being able to speedread books and retain the details from them. The fact that I don’t remember the specifics of this story just goes to show me that it wasn’t my favourite story from this collection.

All of that being said, it was still an enjoyable read. Maybe not the best read for me personally, but still an enjoyable read. Who knows, I might have enjoyed the read more if I hadn’t read so many fae centric stories in a short time period.



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