The Fallen Angel by Kenneth B Andersen

Rating: 4.5/5 stars The Fallen Angel

Length: 293 pages

Series: The Great Devil War, Book 5

Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy, European Literature, Danish Literature

Publication Date: May 28, 2020


Almost two years since Philip left Hell for good, things have changed – but so has Philip. Haunted by terrifying nightmares, he’s never felt so lonely or angry.

When the impossible happens and Philip finds himself back in Hell, he’s surprised to learn that it wasn’t the Devil but the Almighty himself that brought him there. The Great Devil War might have ended, but the worst is yet to come.



This amazing book comes out today, and if you haven’t yet picked this series up I highly recommend you do. Thanks to Andersen I had the chance to read this fantastic book before the release date, the latest installation in a series I’ve quickly fallen in love with.

Below are my quick, spoiler free reviews about this fantastic novel. I’d highly recommend picking the book – the entire series if you haven’t yet – up to read just how great a series this truly is. Then, once you’re caught up, come check back here in a couple of days so we can have a full, spoiler filled talk about the tale.



Spoiler free Review:

This book continues with what I’ve loved so much throughout the series so far. Andersen does an amazing job at creating and evolving his characters, to make them feel real. Their decisions feel like they actually have weight in a world I can imagine being in. Not that I’d love to be in Hell, but it’s fascinating to see how the world has changed and grown over the years.

Philip is still dealing with the consequences of his actions – has been doing so, alone, since his return. Everything he thought he did right, every change of fate he took, he’s now second guessing. Everyone he used to talk to about these things, gone. The people he trusted the most in the world – in any world, in fact – are lost to him.

And all of that’s just the consequences of the first four books in the series. In The Fallen Angel, Philip has to come to terms with consequences he didn’t even think about. His actions not only effected himself, but also those around him and the worlds themselves.

The war might be over, but that doesn’t mean things are fixed. On the contrary, things have escalated and Philip is needed once again. Finding himself in a world he never thought he’d see again, Philip has to overcome his anger and loneliness and fight back.



Reviews for this series:

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  2. The Die of Death (Book 2)
  3. The Wrongful Death (Book 3)
  4. The Angel of Evil (Book 4)


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