This Time by Azaaa Davis

Rating: 4/5 stars This Time.jpg

Length: 250 pages

Series: Nadira Holden, Demon Hunter; Book 1

Genres: Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal, Supernatural, Adult, Young Adult

Publication date: October 1, 2018


“Interesting,” a stranger said, announcing his presence. He held onto the word and drew it out in a way that led Roquelle know he found her lacking. “I haven’t seen such a sloppy feeding and half-assed clean up since before the treaty. I wonder… Are you bold, ma belle, or an idiot?” he asked in a tone that became harsher with each word.

(ch. 10)

Resurrected into present day New York, Nadira Holden is asked to save the world… again. After achieving legendary status when she gave her life to protect humans from the demons, Nadira is unprepared for what the world is like just twenty short years later. People have made peace with the demons, worshiping them like celebrities. No one wants to believe that these beautiful creatures who brought magic to humans could be causing the disappearance of so many. When Nadira’s father goes missing, she’s done playing nice. It’s time to fight, to protect.

This story mixes badass demon hunting with sweet romance undertones, making it clear that Nadira isn’t afraid to do whatever she needs to in order to get the job done. Sure being resurrected wasn’t an easy thing to go through – Nadira did have to pull herself out of her own grave – but with the help of Roquelle she was able to do what needed doing.

Coming to terms with everything in the world being different than you remember isn’t easy for Nadira but with some major help she was able to remember what a badass she always has been. Sure things might not be as she remembered – cell phones can certainly be confusing, even when you grew up in this century – but nothing is going to stop Nadira from doing what’s right. She’ll stop at nothing to rescue her father from the demons.

Davis did a fantastic job at creating this universe. I could feel Nadira’s unease and her desire to understand a world that’s changed immensely since she was last alive in it. The interactions between demons and humans felt real – both the good and the ugly – and the characters carried real emotion behind their motivations and actions.

If you’re looking for a good read about a woman saving the only family she’s ever know, this read might be for you. Interested in demons and slayers? In the ways they interact with each other? Finding the different layers of “evil” in the world? These are all things that drew me to the story. Why not check it out?



*Spoilers ahead*

I can’t imagine what a culture shock everything was for Nadira, thinking that she’d been asleep for a couple of hours and shoved into the ground as a prank only to be told that she’d been dead for the last twenty years. Not only that, everyone she’d ever loved had moved on with their lives. Leo married Nadira’s young adult nemesis, for goodness sake!

Nadira’s imploding personal life proved to be the last straw when paired with the knowledge that even though she sacrificed her life, the Children of Orion still lost the war. Sure she managed to kill the King of the Demons within her last moments, but the demons still ended up on top. They still manage to manipulate the story and get the rest of the humans to believe that they really weren’t all that bad. I don’t know about you, but being a “demon” generally means you are all that bad.

Okay, Roquelle and Derek aren’t that bad. But they’re the exception, not the rule! And even then, they’re only decent when compared to the other demons out there. Roquelle is willing to do whatever it takes to be the dominant life force instead of Nadira. After all, she’s just started to learn how to use her succubus ways. And Derek still follows Prince Bael’s orders until Nadira kills him. Though, yes, he did help Nadira do it by sharing his magical abilities. Still! I fully believe that Derek was more powerful than Prince Bael and just didn’t want to go through the effort of beating him and becoming the prince himself. He still kidnapped and tortured Nadira’s father.

I look forward to seeing how the relationships between these three personalities play out. Will Nadira end up finding a body for Roquelle to inhabit, or will they continue to struggle over dominance the rest of their lives? Is Derek interested in Nadira or Roquelle? And of he is interested in Nadira is it only because of Roquelle’s magic or is the draw Nadira’s personality? How would it even work between a resurrected human and a demon? Can Nadira even die now?

Of course, there are other relationships that I look forward to learning more about. Jamie and Nadira are finally starting to get closer, even though Nadira despised the peppy girl at the beginning of their acquaintance. Leo obviously has unresolved feelings for Nadira even though he’s married to Melissa. How messy and awkward are these interactions going to be in the future? (Yes, I’m looking forward to seeing this messy relationship. Messy relationships in novels draw me in, I can’t help it!)

And, finally, I can’t wait to see what other badass things Nadira ends up doing in her life. Sure she doesn’t want to be a part of the Children of Orion anymore and just wants to live a normal life, but we both know that it’ll never happen that way. Sure there’s the obvious point that this is the first book in a series and not a standalone, but even more than that there’s no way to be resurrected and then go about life like nothing happened. This is the second time that Nadira has killed the ruler of the demons, there’s bound to be consequences. I, for one, look forward to seeing them all play out.




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