Pisces Hooks Taurus by Anyta Sunday

Rating: 4.5/5 stars Pisces Hooks Taurus.jpg

Length: 288 pages

Series: Signs of Love, Book 4

Genres: Romance, Male/Male Romance, Contemporary, LGBT+

Publication date: October 14, 2018


He lifted his wine glass and swirled the contents. “Zane, right? Here because you desperately need me?”

“I need -” Zane noticed a splotch of red wine on the breast of the guy’s jacket. “Becky?


(Ch. 2)

Zane might very well be the biggest romantic there ever was. Yet when his visa is about to expire, he tries to force a Meet Cute – both to ensure his own personal happiness and to stay close to the only family that he truly loves. Zane thinks he’s willing to do whatever it takes to stay, to fall in love, but what happens when love blindsides him? Will he notice what’s right in front of his face?

Zane might be considered the family misfit, having dropped out of high school when all of his brothers ended up being extremely successful, but he’s a shining star to those that care for him. He might mistake Tolstoy with Toy Story, but his heart is always in the right place.

Family might not always understand you, but it’s important to stay close to the people that do. For Zane, only his older brother, Jacob, understands him. Luckily, his brother is willing to do just about anything to ensure he find his happiness. When Zane needs a place to crash, Jacob and his loving wife, Anne, find him a place. Just for a couple of days, of course.

My favourite part of this tale was the interactions between characters. Zane and Becky might not come from the same world, but they managed to make their living situation work. Jacob and Zane have a loving relationship and are truly always there for each other. Heck, even Darla made this story a fantastic read.

Of course this tale had the adorable moments that I’ve loved throughout the series, as well. The way the relationship builds into something more so organically makes me smile. Zane and Becky need to learn how to be themselves, how not to be afraid of the world. Sometimes opening up to someone isn’t the easiest thing in the world, but it can also be a beautiful thing.

If you’re looking for a Meet Cute romance, look no further. Zane and Becky pulled at my heart strings as they pieced each other together and I’m sure they’ll pull at yours as well.



*Spoilers ahead*

“How long do you think you’ll be here, Zane?” Beckett asked.

“Oh, um, I hope to marry and stay forever.”

Beckett’s step stuttered, but he smoothly recovered. “I meant with me. In my home.”

(Ch. 2)

Zane might be the most misguided romantic I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading about. Who buys a faux bear skin run in order to try and be romantic? Though he did transform it (as much as he possibly could) into a bull in Beckett’s honour, so I guess that makes up for his initial purchase… a little bit.

It was just one of many steps that turned their bromance into something more, into a full fledged romance. Although Zane honestly believed that they were only “bromancing” each other, in truth they were actually falling on love. And it was adorable. Asking Beckett what his idea of a nice first date is, and then subsequently taking Beckett on said date – though claiming that it was for research purposes only – was another cute step in the right direction. Heck, Zane was determined to help Beckett get over Luke because he deserved better and is bromancing managed to do that very thing.

Speaking of Luke, he really is a dick. Not only did he break Beckett’s heart by leaving him two months after the wedding – if you don’t think you want to spend the rest of your life with someone, why marry them? Why wait until after the wedding to end things? – but by just being himself Luke is a complete douche. He’s rude to Zane and his outlook on life, he’s rude to Beckett when they run into each other again, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he was rude to the rest of the world. Just because he’s got a PhD and book smarts doesn’t give him the right to look down on people. Beckett’s obviously got brains to spare and he’s exceptionally down to earth. That’s the kind of professor that I’ve always adored and respected the most.

Luckily Anne is nothing like her douche of a brother. No, she’s much more like Jacob – kind, caring, and compassionate – and it’s no wonder that her and Beckett became best friends. Everyone needs people like them in their lives.

And both Jacob and Anne truly believed in Zane and his work. Sure he might not be the best with words, but his art will have him going places. There’s a reason that they wanted Zane to work on his own future as a gift to his newborn niece. Thanks to Beckett and his amazing teaching skills, Zane’s finally going to have the skills to write a fully fleshed out story to go along with his artwork.

Neither of them knew what they were getting themselves into when Beckett agreed to let Zane crash for a couple of days, but after a month of living together it was clear that their love was true. They fell into each others lives at the best possible time, and though Beckett might not have initially believed in love at first sight or fate, it’s clear that this is exactly what happened to the two of them.

The fact that Zane was willing to go so far out of his comfort zone, to attempt a synonym standoff, just goes to show the depths of his feelings for Beckett. He knows that he’s not the greatest wordsmith, and he’s terrified of getting onto that stage. Yet he does it to prove that he’s willing to do anything for the person he loves. Sure Luke continued to look down on Zane the whole time, but it also proved that Zane is a much better personal than Luke will ever be – more accepting, more compassionate, more understanding, just overall more.

This is one Meet Cute that I can see myself reading over and over again.



Bonus: Pisces Floors Taurus

Rating: 4.75/5 stars Pisces Floors Taurus.jpg

Length: 25 pages

Series: Signs of Love, Book 4.5

Publication date: January 15, 2019


This short continues to show the lengths that Zane and Beckett will go to show each other the depths of their love. While moments might never be perfectly planned out, it’s who you’re with that truly makes them perfect. Zane certainly figured this out with Beckett.

Beckett told Zane that when he was eligible to come back to America they’d get married, and he certainly kept his word. Though it might not have been the proposal that either of them imagined, it ended up being perfect for them.



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