Gemini Keeps Capricorn by Anyta Sunday

Rating: 4/5 stars Gemini Keeps Capricorn.jpg

Length: 268 pages

Series: Signs of Love, Book 3

Genres: Romance, Male/Male Romance, Contemporary, LGBT+, New Adult

Publication date: December 18, 2017


Caleb was peeking over Wesley’s shoulder, eyes bugging, nicking his head for Wesley to turn around.

Wesley whipped around but caught only a twitch of Lloyd’s lips before they settled back into a flat line. This was a game now, was it? Bring it on, Lloyd.

(Ch. 5)

The smile test is just one of the many adorable scenes that happens in this story, in this series. Wesley is convinced that Lloyd never smiles at him while his friends tell him that he’s just never noticed it. When he brings it up to Lloyd? Well, it might just very well become a game. One that Wesley is determined to win.

I adored the relationship between Wesley and Lloyd. Lloyd is all about rules and discipline while Wesley is all about breaking rules. Their heads butt more than once over rules, and I loved seeing who was willing to give in first. Sunday kept things interesting because it wasn’t always the same person who gave in. No, both boys needed to learn when to stand strong and when a little wiggle room was warranted.

As an RA, Lloyd’s rule following should come as no surprise. Sure it gains his respect, but mostly this just makes Wesley love teasing him even more. While it’s true I spent most of my first year at university living in a dorm, I didn’t actually spend much time in it. I had friends outside of the residence, mostly because I moved in a couple months late, so I spent most of my time with them. Even my roommate, who’d been there the whole time, didn’t spend a lot of time in our room. It’s interesting to see what another person’s experience living in residence was like. It was cool getting to see Wesley and his friends hanging out and actually using their common room. I know this is the experience that some people have in res, but I personally never did.

On a different note from the whole dorm room side of things, it was really great to see the way that Wesley and Lloyd supported each other. Sure Wesley might joke that Lloyd’s relationships weren’t going to last long, but that doesn’t stop him from being there for him when things go sideways. Or helping Lloyd when another RA ropes Lloyd into planning a party – definitely not his forte. Lloyd, in return, is there for Wesley when he needs help focusing on school work and looking out for his younger brother.

Sunday does a fantastic job at building a friendship before anything romantic starts to unfold – which is great for me as this seems to be the kind of romance that I gravitate towards. Lloyd and Wesley’s friendship made me smile, and I’m glad that they have this foundation to lean on when things become… more.

If you’re looking for a cute, male male romance, I’d recommend checking this book – and the rest of the series – out. The relationships – both the main and secondary ones – are adorable and left me rooting for the couple. Plus, Sunday does a fantastic job at tying in the different novels to one another, even though they can totally be read as standalone novels.



*Spoilers ahead*

He oversaw the third floor of Williamson Hall. Frankly, he was the only law-related topic that Wesley enjoyed studying.

(Ch. 1)

Right from the beginning, it’s clear that Wesley isn’t actually interested in studying law. Frankly, he’s not very good at it if his struggles when studying are any indication. It’s true that you’re more likely to be good at studying and doing things that you actually enjoy doing, and Wesley was not interested in becoming a lawyer. He was trying to make his dead father proud, to follow in his footsteps. But sometimes you’ve got to do what makes you happy and not what you think others expect of you.

The best part of all that? The fact that Lloyd supported Wesley’s true dream of opening up his own coffee shop. Wesley was worried that he’d never find someone to be with him if he actually did what he wanted and stayed a barista the rest of his life. Lloyd, being the amazing friend – then boyfriend – that he is, told Wesley that he should follow his dreams. That he should do what makes him happy because anyone that ends up with him should wish the best for him.

I also really appreciated the way that Lloyd, Mr. Follow-All-The-Rules, was willing to look the way when it came to Wesley’s brother, Caleb, staying over at the dorm as long as he was. Sure, he had to stop playing favourites when it came to Wesley, but Lloyd acted like he didn’t know what was going on for quite some time. For someone who was denying that he had any romantic feelings, Lloyd certainly looked the other way and gave in to Wesley a lot.

“He shouldn’t have given in to his attraction,” Lloyd said as they parked outside a café a few blocks away from Party Palace.

Wesley clambered out, mumbling, “He shouldn’t have gotten caught.”

(Ch. 8)

Lloyd and Wesley’s game of cat and mouse was quite the tale to watch. Both boys were playing the game and the role of mouse continued to swap back and forth between them. Wesley certainly is clueless, not realizing that he and Lloyd were going on dates until Lloyd spelled it out for him. He certainly got jealous when he thought that Lloyd had fallen in love with a new boyfriend, someone that he was hiding from Wesley. If only Wesley had figured out the truth sooner – or at all without some guidance – then they could’ve been doing more than just watching movies and cuddling. Poor, innocent, naive boy.

Though I do have to admit that it made their relationship even sweeter. Wesley was trying to woo Lloyd into being more than just best friends, believing that Lloyd didn’t want to be with him. He honestly thought that Lloyd giving in to him all the time, that him bending the rules for him, was just something that he was doing for his best friend.

Speaking of best friends, it’s impressive that Suzy was able to keep her and Gavin a secret. While I’m not sure if it’d been going on for longer than the night of the party, she never gave any indication that things were happening between them. She certainly isn’t Wesley and his need to tell his best friends the second he’s in a relationship. It also showed Gavin in a fresh light – one that was much brighter than he’d been in before.

In the end, I’m glad that Wesley and Lloyd were honest about their relationship. Sure they had to keep it mostly a secret for their last couple of months in the dorm, but they were open and honest with Gavin about it. It was cute seeing him confused that they’d only gotten together, but it makes sense that he was so gruff with them, thinking that they were flaunting their relationship right after another RA got fired for having a relationship with a resident. Besides, it makes Wesley asking Lloyd to move in with him that much sweeter.

Finally, I adore MacDonald and Hazelnut’s relationship. This story was filled with games of cat and mouse, but in the end true relationships ended up on top. She was willing to spend a pretty penny on securing Caleb’s future – which she then used to secure Wesley’s dream. It finally gave Caleb the push that he needed to make a real move. While they were certainly a secondary relationship to this tale, it was really cute to see them realize their feelings for each other.




Bonus: Gemini Rules Capricorn

Rating: 4.5/5 starsGemini Rules Capricorn.jpg

Length: 22 pages

Series: Signs of Love, Book 3.5

Publication date: January 1, 2018


This adorably touching short continues to show the lengths that Lloyd and Wesley will go for each other. It shows the depth of their love and how what they want most in the world is for the other to be happy. Wesley and Lloyd take the next step in their relationship like it’s the most natural thing in the world for them, and it truly is because they want each other – mind, body, and soul.

It was also cute to see that Caleb can be just as clueless as Wesley. Good thing he has MacDonald.



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