Perfectly Wrong by Summer Brooks

Rating: 1/5 stars (if that)Perfectly Wrong.jpg

Pages: 259

Series: N/A

Genres: College, New Adult, Romance, Sports

Publication date: June 13, 2019


*This entire review contains spoilers*

Perfectly Wrong certainly was the perfectly wrong book for me. (Yes, that was bad. Let’s move along…)

I’m honestly surprised that I ended up finishing this story. There wasn’t a single thing in it that I actually enjoyed, but a whole hell of a lot of things that rubbed me the wrong way. If you’d like to see why, I’d suggest reading on.

To start things off, I’d like to touch on the thing that annoyed me the least – the grammar in this novel. And that’s saying something, considering I honestly abhor poor grammar. There are an abundance of issues in this tale, from sentence structure not making sense to actual words being missing from sentences. It certainly makes me wonder if anyone proofread this story before it was published.

I would understand if these mistakes were made in the first or even second draft of a story, but they should really be tidied up before the novel gets released to the public for consumption. I’m not saying that this would’ve saved the story, since there was a lot wrong with it, but it would’ve at least made it slightly easier to get through.

“Also, I’m not on birth control, so… I’m going to need some Plan B. Just letting you know,” Mia said. “It’s cool, though. I mean, actually, it’s hot.” (Ch. 12)

This quote alone depicts one of the main reasons I did not enjoy this story. Birth control and contraceptives are not a joke. While Plan B can be useful in some instances, it should not be abused like this. Plan B works primarily by stopping the egg from descending from the ovary, but may also prevent sperm from fertilizing the egg should it already be in the uterus proper. It should not be used in the place of something like birth control pills or condoms. For one, Plan B doesn’t stop the spread of STDs, such as HIV. It should not carelessly be used just because you want to have sex without the use of condoms.

Don’t get me wrong here, I understand why people use birth control. I, too, am in a place in my life where it would be irresponsible of me to have a child. However, that doesn’t mean you should abuse the options that are out there. Plan B should not be considered a form of regular birth control, so please never use it this way. There are safer tools at your disposal that you can use if you’d like to have sex without worrying about getting pregnant.

Also, it’s not “hot” to need to take Plan B because you had unprotected sex. It’s irresponsible.

We were alpha males charged with testosterone, so there was no weirdness about male nudity here.(Ch. 8)

Another reason that I did not enjoy this story at all was because of the rampant use of masculinity in an unhealthy. Having moments such as the one above just reiterated the fact that you had to be masculine above all else. While I’m not saying that things should be weird in a locker room, the wording of many of “Bryant’s” thoughts made it clear that this was a world filled with toxic masculinity. His father being a dick was used as an excuse for his actions time and time again, but that doesn’t change the fact that his words and actions were often toxic.

Bryant was constantly forcing Mia to do things his way. He all but forced Mia to live with him under the guise of trying to help her. Sure she gave in to his demand quickly, but that in itself was a completely separate issue. He knew that Mia wanted to pay for her own plane ticket, yet he got her to leave to get food so that he could upgrade her ticket without her being able to stop him. And yet these are just the most glaringly obvious instances of this.

I cornered them both, making sure they couldn’t get past me. I clenched my fists.

“What the fuck did you do to my buddy Eugene Cowell, huh?”

First they complained that I had the wrong guy, but then I stamped a foot down and surprised them again. I lifted a hand, ready to slap one of them. I figured I should do it to Carling, the scrawny one. (Ch. 18)

This is not how you should deal with bullying. I don’t know why people think that bullying bullies is the way to deal with them, but I can assure you it’s not. Bryant might have called himself a reformed bully, and acted contrite about his actions in the past, but that doesn’t stop him from going back to his old ways when it suits him.

However, the worst part of this situation to me has got to be the fact that Mia eggs him on. For someone who was bullied by him for years, she’s certainly quick to forgive him bullying others. One might argue that he’s doing it to protect Mia’s younger brother from his bullies, but that doesn’t make it an okay thing to do.

While I could continue to go on about what I didn’t enjoy about this story, I think I’ve gotten my point across. This story is one that I can’t get behind, and it goes without saying that I wouldn’t recommend anyone pick it up. There are much better “enemies to lovers” stories out there, ones that are much less problematic. I’d highly recommend picking up something else if you’re looking for an enjoyable read.

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