Headliners by Lucy Parker

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Rating: 5/5 stars Headliners.jpg

Pages: 400

Series: London Celebrities, Book 5

Genres: Romance, Contemporary Romance, Contemporary, Adult, Fiction, Christmas, Holidays, British Literature, Humour, Adult Fiction


She swung around and was greeted with her own smiling face on a full-length poster board. Her printed image had been placed back-to-back with Nick’s, and someone had done some excessive editing, because she’d never leaned on him in her life (Ch. 1).

The story of Sabrina and Nick having to work together as co-hosts on a morning show instead of leading their own late night talk shows was one I wasn’t certain I’d get invested in but I was more than willing to give the book a try. I’d heard nothing but good things about Parker’s writing so I went into this read looking to be impressed. And impressed I was.

Headliners quickly became one of my favourite reads within the last couple of months. Parker did an excellent job at creating a world that I want to read more about – which is just my luck because this is the fifth book in the series. While I’m not usually the kind of person that will read a series out of order, I’m quite glad that I gave Headliners a shot. And now I can say, with absolute certainty, that I look forward to picking up the rest of the books in this series.

On top of having a well developed world, the characters themselves caught and kept my attention quite easily. Sabrina and Nick feel like real people – they both have their fallacies and faults, their shining moments and bright ideas, and are able to put aside their own petty grievances to do what needs to be done. They’re both fiercely loyal to the people they love and aren’t quick to forgive and forget. Having these two dynamic personalities as the main viewpoints of the story made for a gripping read.

If you’re looking for a fun romance read, I’d highly recommend giving this book a try. Parker has done an excellent job at making this typically lighthearted read heavy when it needs to be, injecting the tone of the story with severity when it calls for it. I found myself smiling profusely while I was reading and part of me was sad when the book was over because I wished there was more to devour.


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*Spoilers ahead*

Right away I enjoyed the way that Parker wrote the relationship between Sabrina and Nick. It was clear that Sabrina had a valid reason to loathe Nick and that Nick felt guilty about whatever it was he’d done. Of course, as the story progressed and the reader finds out what Nick did, it makes even more sense that Sabrina hated Nick. His segment on Sabrina’s family and the backlash she received from it was career ending stuff. She’s just lucky that she still had a job to go to every day, even if it did turn into an early morning job.

I enjoyed watching the animosity and pigheadedness morph into understanding, forgiveness, and love. While it took awhile for trust to form between Sabrina and Nick, and that trust continued to be tested even after it’d been earned, the metamorphosis of their feelings for each other was great to watch. It truly ended up a fantastic relationship.

It was great that though near the end of the story Sabrina’s mental reaction was still to blame Nick but her gut told her that he would never do something like that. Sometimes your heart learns faster than your brain, and Sabrina’s heart was telling her the truth – that Nick wouldn’t do anything (else) to hurt Sabrina or the ones she loves. While it was understandable that he got upset at her initial reaction, he realized that he’d given her plenty of reasons to assume that of him and that he knew her better than to think she actually meant it. She could have lied and told him that she never considered him to be behind the whole thing, but instead she owned up to her initial reaction, going as far as to explain to him that she didn’t really feel that way – it was just going to take a little time for her mind to stop having those thoughts as a knee jerk reaction.

Emily messing with their set was a fun twist in the book to read. She went into it thinking that Sabrina and Nick would be awful people, but she quickly learned that they weren’t nearly as bad as she’d expected. Sure she felt loyalties to her stepfather who raised her as her own, but Emily really should have realized that things were going too far before Sabrina’s arm was fractured. Maybe then she would have been able to keep some of the connections she’d made at the show rather than ruining all of them. The only good thing that came out of this whole situation was that Peter King took responsibility for Emily’s actions and lost his connections – and job – within the network.

Another thing that I enjoyed reading about was the relationship between Nick and Griff. Every relationship has its flaws and it took Nick a long time to be able to get back in Griff’s good graces after not only hurting him but also hurting the woman that he loves. Nick was practically Griff’s brother so it must have been quite the blow, hearing what Nick had to say about Freddy and her family at his own family’s estate.

Freddy seems to be an amazing woman, like her sister Sabrina, and I’m glad that she’s the kind of person that lets go of anger and resentment so quickly. She really is a sweet thing, who isn’t afraid to be there for her sister when times are tough – even when she has to force her sister to talk to her about the harder things. Sabrina might be used to sheltering her baby sister, but it was nice to see that sometimes things happen the other way.

I’m also overjoyed that both Sabrina and Nick agreed to continue on with Wake Me Up London after the Christmas break. While I assumed that this was where the story was going, a small part of me wondered if there was going to be a twist and Nick was going to accept that job offer from LightStarr. I’m glad this didn’t happen as Sabrina and Nick are the perfect couple – both at work and in their personal lives.

Plus, it gave them a change to throw in a callback from one of my favourite scenes of the beginning of the story – Sabrina’s name comes first in alphabetical and moral seniority.

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