The Calling by Kelley Armstrong

Rating: 3.5/5 stars The Calling.jpg

Pages: 326

Series: Darkness Rising, Book 2

Genres: Young Adult, Paranormal, Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Romance


Like a cougar with a cache, I knew where we’d left Corey. Hayley said they’d moved a little, but he’d he close enough for me to find him.

While this book feels fast paced at times, it doesn’t add much in the way of plot to the series. In this way, it definitely suffers from second book syndrome. There’s lot of the crew walking around the forest, trying to get somewhere and find help. Every time it seems like they’re moving ahead, it becomes apparent that they’ve only moved sideways.

It becomes more and more obvious to that the crew doesn’t know who they can trust. Are they even able to trust each other?

More importantly than that, are there any adults that they can trust? It’s become apparent that the quiet life they thought they knew wasn’t as perfect as they’d always thought. As Maya and her friends start learning the truth about the town they grew up in and themselves, they’re left with more questions than answers.

Overall, this was an enjoyable read. It’s nothing too intense, and the focus of this story is more heavily on the characters and their interactions than it is their supernatural powers. If you’re interested in a story about friendship and trust, with a hint of mystery and the supernatural thrown in, try giving this series a try. It’s a cute story with an interesting premise, and I definitely enjoyed every second of it.



*Spoilers ahead*

When Maya and her friends realize there’s a group that means them harm, it becomes imperative that they find anyone they can trust. The only problem is, they’re not sure if the adults in Salmon Creek are going to be able to help them. Even more worrying, they’re not sure if the adults from Salmon Creek are going to be willing to help them. Sure, they think thay their parents are trustworthy, only wishing the best for them if they knew about their supernatural abilities, but they can’t be certain. I can’t imagine it’s easy having to question whether or not your parents are on your side.

I really enjoyed the way that Armstrong details Maya’s transformation. While she’s previously explained the way in which werewolves in this world transform, in her Women of the Otherworld series, it’s interesting to see that the skin-walkers go through a different process altogether.

Though I must admit that I’m still worried about Maya’s cognitive functioning. Will she remain the clever girl that she was before her first transformation, or will she slowly deteriorate the way that Annie seems to have? Will there be a cure for what’s happened to Annie, or is this change irreversible?

One thing that this series is good at is definitely the ability to leave me questioning what I know. Sure, Maya got to shift forms and was still her, but how long will this last for? Corey realized that his headaches were tied to his ability to see the future, even if he isn’t willing to say it out loud, but what does this mean for him? Will the migraines debilitate him to the point where he’s no longer able to function? Will they be able to find a way to counteract this issue and still allow him to see visions of the future?

I also have to admit that I didn’t see Nicole being the bad person in their friends group. Sure, I suspected that what happened to Serena was foul play, but I didn’t think that it would be her close friend. I don’t know if I want them rescuing Nicole after what she’s put everyone through, but I’m even less certain that she deserves to be kidnapped by people she doesn’t know and presumed dead by those she loves.

The only thing I’m certain about is that Daniel deserves better than a psychotic friend that’s willing to kill to get him for herself.

Okay, I’m also certain that I really enjoy Maya and Rafe’s relationship – but that’s a much lighter subject and not nearly as serious. While they need to work on their communication and their ability to trust each other, I think they might be good for each other. Maya is going to change Rafe from his “bad boy” ways – aka not understanding what he’s doing might not necessarily be the right thing to do – and Rafe is able to make Maya question her pigheadedness and stubborn faith in her first impressions. Of course, Rafe’s love and dedication to his sister has only endeared him to Maya even more – as it should. And her loyalty to Daniel, though sometimes hard for Rafe, proves to him that she fights for what she believes in and once Maya’s on your side you’re stuck with her for good.

It was also sweet that they could tell the other was alive, even after being separated. Okay, that’s an understatement if I’ve ever said one. Rafe managed to survive falling out of a helicopter. Um, hello! What? Holy hell I wish I was part cat! Okay, in all seriousness, that would have been suuuuper terrifying to witness. And not cool at all…

I also really enjoyed the character development that Hayley goes through in this book. While I feel bad that Hayley was shunned from their friends group, she didn’t even try to make the best of it while growing up in Salmon Creek. Yes, she had her own clique that she ruled and I can understand how that felt shallow. And yes, it sucked that she seems to actually like Corey but his friends don’t like her so he’d never actually date her. But there’s no way that Hayley was actually a nice person before all of this drama went down.

Yes Maya didn’t make her life easy, but Hayley damn sure made it harder on herself than she needed to. She didn’t have to be a jerk to Maya and antagonize her whenever she could. It couldn’t have been easy being on the fringe of the friends group you actually wanted to be a part of, but she definitely didn’t handle it well. I’m glad that the truth has come out (thank you, Rafe, for making Maya see the truth in the situation) and that Hayley finally has the chance to show her true colours to the people she cares about.

I can’t wait to pick up The Rising and finish this amazing story. I can’t wait to see the ways in which the Darkest Powers series intersects with this one. While only mentioned briefly in The Gathering and The Calling, I’m certain that the crew from the Darkest Powers will pop up in a more active role.

After all, the person that Rafe told Maya to find is Kit… right?



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