September Wrap Up

My plan to finish all of the books my friend lent me this month kind of fell through. Partially this was because I spent most (all) of my free time taking care of my puppy, Yzma. And partially this was because I was really sick for two weeks and didn’t have the energy to anything other than go to work, take Yzma for (very short) walks, and sleep. But mostly this was because I really did not enjoy reading A Whole New World and basically had to convince myself to finish the book.

Without getting into the specifics, let’s just say that this book took the story in a direction that I didn’t personally enjoy. I had to make a deal with myself wherein I wasn’t allowed to pick up another book before finishing this one in order to actually get myself to read it. I don’t usually force myself to read books that I don’t enjoy this much, but I read it so that I could talk to my friend about it since she was the one that lent me the book. Otherwise, I don’t think I’d force myself to read a book that took me 4 full months to slog through. Unfortunately, this meant that I wasted almost a full month in order to get through one story that I didn’t even enjoy.

Taking all of that into account, this was not the most productive reading month. I definitely did not stay true to my tbr (Sorry Ash, I’m totally getting your books back to you ASAP). However, not every month is going to be an amazing reading month.

Before I get into the wrap up itself, here’s a picture of Yzma on a “walk” as a thanks for getting through my ramble at the beginning. And yes, she does sit weirdly but it’s comfortable to her.


Total books completed: 3

Completed Books:

  1. Watcher in the Woods by Kelley Armstrong (Rockton, Book 4)[5 stars]
  2. A Whole New World by Liz Braswell (Twisted Tales, Book 1)[2 stars]
  3. The Last Wolf by Maria Vale (The Legend of All Wolves, Book 1) [3.5 stars]


Dedicated Blog Posts:

  1. The Adventure Zone: Murder on the Rockport Limited! by the McElroys & Carey Pietsch
  2. Sorcery of Thorns by Margaret Rogerson
  3. Watcher in the Woods by Kelley Armstrong
  4. A Whole New World by Liz Braswell
  5. The Last Wolf by Maria Vale

Wrap Up: 

Watcher in the Woods:

I reread this book and my feelings on it haven’t changed at all. It is still an extremely well written book with a highly fleshed out world and cast of characters. If anything, this reread made me fall even more in love with Armstrong’s writing. If you’re into mystery series, I would highly suggest checking out the first book in this series, City of the Lost

A Whole New World:

This series is a about taking popular Disney movies and twisting the story around to make it something new and unique. Obviously, this one is about Aladdin and what would happen if Aladdin didn’t end up with the lamp. I wouldn’t recommend reading this book. If you’re a fan of Disney or fairytale retellings at all, try a different book in the series instead. I’d suggest checking out Reflection instead, as this is a much better book in this series. Braswell also proves her writing chops in As Old As Time, though I read this book before starting the blog so don’t have a post for it. I do plan on rereading it to see if my feelings on it have changed at all over the years.

The Last Wolf:

I picked this book up thinking it was going to be a quick, lighthearted read about a werewolf pack since I usually like these reads. Well, that’s exactly what this book gave me… for the most part. While there were some plot choices that didn’t make the most sense to me, I found this to be an enjoyable read and exactly what I needed after finishing A Whole New World. If you’re okay with reading a (mostly) lighthearted tale about a werewolf pack and its politics, I’d suggest giving this book a try.


Like I said earlier, this month wasn’t nearly as productive as I’d hoped it would be reading wise. I’m hoping that as Yzma gets older she’ll give me more time to sit still and read, but this probably means I’m going to have a couple of non-productive reading months. My goal for October will definitely be to finish my borrowed books as quickly as possible (without rushing so I still enjoy the read), but that’s not something I can correct now.

How was your reading this month? I hope it was at least a bit better than mine. Did you manage to get everything read that you wanted to? Did you find a new favourite book or even one you’re likely to recommend to other?

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