The Last Wolf by Maria Vale

Rating: 3.5/5 starsLast Wolf.jpg

Pages: 320

Series: The Legend of All Wolves, Book 1

Genres: Romance, Fantasy, Paranormal, Shapeshifters


There isn’t much that I have to say about this story. If you’re looking for a cute, mostly lighthearted romance novel about werewolves then I’d suggest giving this book a try. While it’s definitely a niche genre, this book is much better than the other books I’ve read about werewolf romance lately. The writing makes sense, the werewolf mechanics are well thought out and explained, and the world has been flushed out.

I will warn that there’s a smutty aspect to this novel. While it’s not the focus of this read, if you feel uncomfortable reading smutty scenes you’ve been warned. There aren’t many scenes like that, so you might be okay giving this book a read. However, only you know you comfort level about these things so decide for yourself.

While there was a plot line that didn’t make much sense to me, and felt a little rushed, this might come up more in the rest of the series. While I do feel as if this book could be a standalone, I’m interested to keep going with it to see how much the characters from this book impact the romances in the rest of the series. I’d also like to see how this rushed plot line impacts the rest of the series.

*Spoilers ahead*

I thought the romance between Quicksilver and Tiberius was well developed. It wasn’t an insta-love story like most romances seem to be, and I prefer it this way. Instead, the two really had to work towards caring for each other, showing the other person who they were and why they were worth caring for. Sil and Ti are slow to open up, but when they do it’s for life. Even Ti’s past wasn’t a big enough hurdle to keep the two apart.

Speaking of Ti’s past, this is the plot line that I felt was sort of just mashed into the story but didn’t really have a place in it. I understand Ti’s background and his father might play a larger role in the rest of the series, but in The Last Wolf, I felt like this plot line didn’t really fit. Sure, it was a convenient plot device to show that Sil felt more commitment to her love for Ti than her loyalty to her pack since she didn’t even tell John about it out of fear he’d be exiled from the pack. But other than that it didn’t really fit into their love story.

I did find it cute that while Sil’s name was Quicksilver and was a sort of throwaway name since they didn’t expect her to survive, Ti called her “Wildfire”. I think the first time he called her this was the first time that Ti realized Sil was more than just a pawn in his game to destroy the pack. He was starting to have feelings for her and he was realizing that being wild wasn’t the bad thing he was conditioned to see it as.

Like I said earlier, I do plan on reading at least the next book in the series to see how much the characters and plot in this story impacts the rest of this world. That’ll tell me if Ti’s mafia background was actually important to the series of if it was just thrown in to the story as filler. I’ve already borrowed the next book, A Wolf Apart, from my library and plan on reading it during my commute to and from work.


Have you read this book or series? Is romance/smut a “guilty pleasure” for you like it is for me? What’s you’re favourite “romance” or “smut” book that you’ve read this year?

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