June and July Wrap Up

While I didn’t start off June following my TBR too closely, I think I did a decent job of doing what I planned for the month. I believe I managed a good mix between rereads and new reads, reacquainting myself with old beloved characters and discovering new characters – both loved and tolerated. Of course, I went a little off track about midway through June as life got in the way. As well, I found myself in a little bit of a reading slump after finishing a book that pulled out a lot of emotion in me. Emotion I wasn’t prepared to feel but that’s always a sign of a great book.

So, instead of creating a TBR for July, I decided to just read whatever caught my eye. I didn’t do too much reading this month as the sun was too nice to pass up, but I did manage to get over my book hangover and pick some new stuff up.

Total books completed: 13

Total books completed in June: 7

Completed Books:

  1. A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Maas (ACOTAR, Book 1)[2.5 stars]
  2. Dime Store Magic by Kelley Armstrong (Women of the Otherworld, Book 3)[5 stars]
  3. Book Love by Debbie Tung [4 stars]
  4. Relatively Normal by Whitney Dineen (Relatively, Book 1)[1.5 stars]
  5. A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J Maas (ACOTAR, Book 2)[4 stars]
  6. Everblaze by Shannon Messenger (Keeper of the Lost Cities, Book 3)[5 stars]
  7. Neverseen by Shannon Messenger (Keeper of the Lost Cities, Book 4)[5 stars]

Total books completed in July: 6

Completed Books:

  1. Growl by Eve Langlais, Kate Douglas, and A.C. Arthur (Feral Passions, Book 1)[2.5 stars]
  2. In Real Life by Cory Doctorow and Jen Wang [4 stars]
  3. Wicked King by Holly Black (The Folk of the Air, Book 2)[5 stars]
  4. A Date With Darcy by Tiffany Schmidt (Bookish Boyfriends, Book 1)[4 stars]
  5. Miss Mabel’s School for Girls by Katie Cross (Network, Book 1)[4 stars]
  6. The Werewolf Wears Prada by Kristin Miller (San Francisco Wolf Pack, Book 1)[4 stars]


Dedicated Blog Posts:

  1. Dime Store Magic by Kelley Armstrong
  2. Book Love by Debbie Tung
  3. A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Maas


Wrap Up:

A Court of Thorns and Roses:

While I love Maas’ writing, and her Throne of Glass series is one of my favourites, I can’t say that I enjoyed this book. This is my second time reading this book and I really did hope that what I didn’t like about it the first time wouldn’t annoy me this time, but it unfortunately did. This is a story very loosely based on the Beauty and the Beast story, and I believe there are many retelling that are done better than this one was. I can enjoy reading a story from the point of view of a character I don’t like, but there were too many things about the plot as well as Feyre that prevented me from enjoying this read.

Dime Store Magic:

This is the third book in Armstrong’s debut series and it’s even better than the second (which makes sense since the second book is my least favourite in the series). This story surrounds Paige and Savannah coping with events that started in the second book. This book has very limited gore and R rated scenes when compared to other books in the series. Also, an abundance of wonderfully written magic.

Book Love:

This is a cute little collection of comics about Tung’s love of books. You should read it.

Relatively Normal:

As far as romance novels go, this one wasn’t a very good one in my opinion. The plot was convoluted and the flow wasn’t there. I didn’t find myself rooting for the main couple, and I wasn’t even interested in the secondary characters. I would recommend reading a different romance novel if this one was on your radar.

A Court of Mist and Fury:

I have to admit, I enjoyed this read through more than I had my first read through of the book. While I still don’t like Feyre, I was able to get over that in this read through and enjoy the other characters much more. The book definitely dragged on a long time, and probably would have benefited by being split into 2, I enjoyed the experience this time around. While it’s in no way a favourite of mine, my opinion of ACOMAF has definitely gone up.


Like all other books in this series, Messenger did a fantastic job at making me feel feels. While the twists and turns aren’t always shocking to me, they still have the power to shock. I can honestly say I’ve never talked (okay, yelled) at a series this much before. I highly recommend picking this series up no matter what your age is. It’s worth the read and I truly believe everyone can learn something from Messenger’s words.


This. Book. Messenger, it’s a good thing I love your writing because this book tore my heart in two. It gave me such a bad hangover that even though I have books 5-7 sitting at my place waiting to be read, I still haven’t been able to pick one up more than a month later. I love this series but this book made me cry like few books do. Oh my gosh, do I ever recommend you read this series.


I knew that this book was a trio of werewolf romance stories before going into it, but even then the stories didn’t meet my expectations. I enjoyed that each author created their own world and their own ways in which werewolves operate, but most of the content fell flat to me. I know that this was meant to be a guilty pleasure, an erotic collection of stories, but I couldn’t help but think “is that even physically possible?” I know my face showed my confusion almost the whole time I was reading this book. On the bright side, the confusion this book lent me pulled me – at least partially – out of my reading slump/book hangover.

In Real Life:

This is a light story about being a female gamer and I loved it. While it touched on heavy issues such as being looked down for being a female gamer, and even gaining confidence online which bleeds into your real life, it does it in an organic way that isn’t shouting in your face. But most importantly, it shows that you should stand up for what you believe in, even if it’s not an easy thing to do.

Wicked King:

Holly Black once again astounded me with this story. The characters, and the world itself, still manage to shock and awe me. Even when I expect a twist to be coming, and can guess what the twist will be, Black manages to surprise me by the way she writes her reveals. If you’re interested in stories about fairies – or even if you’re not – I highly recommend giving this series a try.

A Date with Darcy:

I didn’t expect to like this story as much as I did. Then again, I underestimated the impact that books and fictional characters would have on the story. I enjoyed that this story almost seemed to have two acts to it, two stories laid out simultaneously (well, with an overlap), and how organic that felt. Schmidt did a great job at making the characters come to life, giving each one their own personality even if you only got the briefest interaction with them throughout the story. This is a really sweet little teen romance novel – and a reminder that Classics became Classics for a reason.

Miss Mabel’s School for Girls:

A wicked coming of age story around a young witch that has a heritage curse on her. As she attends Miss Mabel’s to try and figure out a way to get the curse removed from her family, Bianca goes on quite the adventure! I’ve always loved stories about witches and Cross wrote this story so beautifully I can’t wait to pick up the next one in the series. If you’re interested in stories about witches, I’d highly recommend trying this book out. The world building was vibrant and full, and I can’t wait to see how the rest of the world comes into play in the story.

The Werewolf Wears Prada:

While I expected this book to be your typical romance/smut, it exceeded my expectations. Not only was it an enjoyable romance read, the plot to the story actually had substance and was engaging. If you’re looking for a fun read and are into romance and werewolves (and don’t mind a little graphic sex throw in the mix), I’d recommend reading this book.



While I could have gotten more reading done these months, I have to say I’m content with the amount that I got read. I listened to part of an audiobook in June as I instead tried to play catch up with podcasts, meaning that the majority of my reading was done with my eyes. As it’s hard for me to find time to sit down and read every day, I’m proud of myself for the amount that I was able to get to.

In July I got about as much read as I expected. Though it was less than I’d read in previous years, I managed to get this much read while working full time and trying to enjoy the summer sun. Of course it’s nice to be able to sit outside in the sun and read a book, but sometimes it’s even more fun to go out and do stuff. That is, when it’s not stupid hot outside.

Were you able to reach your reading goals for the month? Are you happy with what you managed to read, either quantity wise or quality wise? Did you manage to find a new favourite book?

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