Book Love by Debbie Tung

Rating: 4/5 stars Book Love

Pages: 137

Series: n/a

Genres: Graphic Novel, Books about Books, Nonfiction, Humour


This book was a cute little collection of comics about the love Tung has for reading. It shows the way other people react to bibliophiles and the joys and challenges of being one yourself. I’ve got to say, at some points in the book I felt kinship and at others I felt a little attacked… but only because I was able to relate to the comics so viscerally.

I found myself laughing out loud a lot while reading this collection of comics. Tung’s writing had a way of making me smile while reading about the life of a fellow bibliophile.

The back of the book touches on her tumblr page ( where you can find even more adorable comics about Tung’s daily life. While not all of them have to do with reading, a good number of them do. The one’s that don’t have anything to do about books and reading are still adorable and very relateable.

I would recommend this book as a fun and easy read. The best part might be the fact that picking up this book doesn’t feel like a huge commitment – something I look for in a book when I’m fighting off a reading slump. It’s something you can read on and off between other books or when you’re feeling down. I love seeing a fellow book lover enjoy fictional worlds and Tung managed show just that.


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