As Miss Beelzebub Likes by Matoba

Rating: 3 stars

As Miss B

Pages: 141

Series: As Miss Beelzebub Likes

Genres: Manga, Fantasy, Romance, Humour/Comedy

Reading Challenges Met: 1 (Asian author: Japanese); 2 (it’s a manga); 4 (was originally written in Japanese and then translated to English)

This manga was an entertaining read, though it didn’t meet the expectations I had going into it. I expected a more cohesive plot than there was, though there was the barest hint of a larger plot behind all of the one page gags. I’m sure that if I were to continue to read on with the series, which I might still do, the hidden plot will eventually become more of a focal point. It is labeled a romance manga, after all.

The characters themselves were interesting. I liked the way that Matoba wrote them, each one having a unique personality. If I do decide to continue on with the series it’ll be because of the characters and not the plot.

If you’re into slapstick comedy and one liners, this manga might be more your taste than it was mine. Don’t let the talk of romance keep you from it, the romance part of the story is very minor. Also reading about demons is always fun.


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