The Lost Sisters by Holly Black

Rating: 5/5 Stars

The Lost Sisters

Pages: 50 pages

Series: The Folk of the Air, Book 1.5

The story of how Taryn and Locke came to be, as told by Taryn.

While an extremely short story, it got across everything vital within the relationship. It showed Taryn’s innermost thoughts and feelings, her strengths and weaknesses. It showed how Taryn felt about Jude and everything that was going on in The Cruel Prince. It showed how Taryn was able to make the decisions she did and how she struggled to find her place in Faerie just like Jude but in a much different, yet equally as twisted, way.

I can’t wait to continue on with the series, seeing how Taryn interacts with both Jude and Locke in The Wicked King.

*spoilers ahead*

I loved that “Jude” was disgusted/upset with parts of the story and Taryn acknowledged that as she continued to share her story. I loved that Taryn revealed that she was actually in front of a mirror, reacting to her own facial expressions, at the end of the story. That she was using her own face to represent her identical twin. It showed that she was upset with her own behaviour and regretted her actions even though it ended up getting her what she wanted in the end.

I found it really interesting that Taryn was the one who made the demand to get married, not Locke. During The Cruel Prince I was convinced that Locke had convinced Taryn to keep things a secret because he proposed. This alone showed that Taryn could be just as cunning as Jude, even though she kept trying to convince herself that she was the good twin.

As well, I really enjoyed Cardan calling Taryn out. For him speaking the truth about her being awful and deserving Locke. Cardan might just be my favourite character of this series and this little scene just furthered my thinking this. I enjoyed that Cardan acknowledged he started harrassing Jude because of Taryn but it’d gone past that. Yet it was all still Taryn’s fault because she didn’t try to help her twin. The very twin that was trying to protect her.

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